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September 2003
Editor's Note

Welcome to this edition of 'Words Words Words.' If this is your first visit, than please, enjoy yourself. Take a look around, subscribe to this quarterly annual literary tribute, and refresh your mind with brilliant new literary works of art, as well as the fine resources offered to anyone interested in the literary field.

This is an exciting time for Words Words Words, as we are in the process of expanding the ezine and becoming not only a collection of literature, but a complete writer's resource. We are introducing services such as editorial consultation, ghost writing, small publishing, and web design.
With our upcoming debut, we are having the very first Words Words Words Annual Poetry Contest, with great prizes, and a chance for publication in an anthology.
The contest has not officially begun, but I wanted to give our faithful readers a head start at making contributions: from now until December, Words Words Words invites you to submit your best poetry to the editor at
Entry fee will not be in effect until December, so this is your chance to get something in, free of cost! Make sure you include all of your contact information with your submission, and make sure it is sent in MS Word or inline text format.
We look forward to seeing you here in December for our grand opening.

'Words Words Words' - a quarterly annual literary ezine devoted to the art of the written word.
Each issue, released on the first of every September, December, March, and June, will be filled with articles, poetry, contests, and inspiration for writers, plus so much more.
'Words Words Words' supports the amateur writer's community and seeks to aid writers in their endeavors to become established.
We thank-you very much for taking an interest in our ezine and hope you come back regularly.


Marylin Houle,
Editor in Chief.

Autumn Season

An icy wind strikes my door in anger
beckoning me to come out
I see the traffic of pedestrians on the cobblestones
The wind is colder, sharper as it moans
while people sleep
I walk to school
listening to the click clack of my shoes hitting the dull pavement
Annoyed by the sniffling and gurgling
of the air passing through my nostrils
It is urging -
almost threatening
I dream of soaring birds, skies of gray
and on cloudy days no light dares to come through
I feel, taste, and savor the sensations
of this changing autumn season
It invites me to come in
and view its colorful make-up that has fallen in this warming sun
How glorious are the sights, sounds, smells, and textures
But a soft voice whispers, telling me

"alas my love"

All that is meant to be lovely during this season
shall quietly disappear
Making room still
for what frigid weather that is yet to come
Pushing what remnants that insist on lingering
from this autumn season out

Gigi George

The act of writing is the act of discovering what you beleive.

- David Hare

All donations go toward providing prizes for the writing contests, and paying the writers for their work

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